Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Original Teardrop 1936

1936 vintage reprint of the first known published plans to build a classic teardrop trailer. There were probably commercial teardrops being made at this time and as usual, the technical publications of the time regularly published their own versions for the home builder. This model was built for $50 in materials in 1936. 5 pages of picures, diagrams and instructional text. This is probably the simplest of all teardrop plans and is mainly for a sleeper but does mention the add-ons that could be made. The frame is from a Model T and other parts were scrounged from various other vehicles, so modern day substitutions would need to be made. Actually, any small to medium utility trailer available at Tractor Supply and many other dealers is suitable for a teardrop's basic frame.
Click images to enlarge. All images are samples of the actual plans, which are much larger. Buy all plans on this site for only $9.99 by clicking the purchase button in the right menu. Instant download.

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